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If I file bankruptcy, can I still contribute to my toddlers resp? What happens to employer matched contributions? Current employer matchs rrsp & resp contributions up to 25k per year. If I file a proposal, what are the advantages? Income from salary 120k plus self employed income about 50k Current tax debt and separation expenses, legal fees etc. about 250k. Cra has a lien on the family home, soon to be listed and sold based on ex wife s court order, in a proposal would I get the same exemptions?



Grant Thornton Limited



Jun 14, 2014



Hi, First of all, RESP's and RRSP's are fully exempt in Alberta.The employer contributions are also safe. However, any contributions you make as an individual are added back to your income for the purpose of calculating any payment required pursuant to the Guidelines on Income. The benefits of a Proposal are numerous eg the payments are set based on your current earnings and are fixed, there is no interest, it can be prepaid and is more acceptable to employers where disclosure is required. The exmeptions remain the same in a Proposal. If you are contemplating a Proposa, all your tax returns must be filed up to date. If you have a tax writ against title, you should make an appointment to see me without delay. Please call 403-296-3082/403 909-9572 (cell) or email at Thanks for the question

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