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I am on consolidation. But prior to my consolidation I have my ongoing legal battle for my prior lawyers as they scam on me and steal my condo from me by stealing the original transfer of land for extortion of awrded cost by judicial influence, on top of their extortion of their legal fees ever since. As expected those corrupt lawyers accumulated awarde cost by judicial conspiracy as they already had in their sharp claws the 'stolen original transfer of land' as per allocation of share per. We are now almost at the end of court battle at CA.As enticipated the court of appeal will barred me for supreme court appeal as this is skillfully plotted. What will happen to the 'garnizee that they plotted against me"? What are they going to take from me by court order? They already have the OriginaL tyRANSFER OF LAND as skillfully plotted on their sharp claws as "bait and trap" for me to keep on chasing my transfer of land that accomplished their 'bait for awarded cost by conspiracy in the judicial system. What should I do? What are they going to take from me on top of the original transfer of land that was secured on their parasitic CLAWS. aRE THEY GOING TO Take all my personal belongins? I am not working since I started to be a self rep for my own case. Please advice of my right.



Grant Thornton Limited



Dec 01, 2015



Hi Rosalina, I am going to suggest that you contact our office to discuss the court order or judgment as a result of the on-going legal issue. We would be happy to discuss financial options to deal with this matter.

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