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Hello i will give some history first,2 years ago or longer,I went bankrupt,I signed my house over to my ex. I got in debt to Canadain tire bank for $5200,Because i got sick just got on Aish in alberta.I cant afford to pay my debt at anytime now.Im getting threat of legal action against me and the house,can they put a lien on the house for a unsecured credit card ?



Grant Thornton Limited



Oct 31, 2017



Hi Darren, If Canadian Tire obtained a judgement for the $5,200 then they are able to place a writ of enforcement against your assets. If you are no longer a registered owner of the house that was transferred to your ex-spouse then they would not place a lien or writ on the property. Please do not hesitate to contact our office at 310-8888 should you have any other questions.

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