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Excerpts from the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act

Section 67(1)

The property of a bankrupty divisible among his creditors shall not comprise

  1. property held by the bankrupt in trust for any other person,

  2. any property that as against the bankrupt is exempt from execution or seizure under any laws applicable in the province within which the property is situated and within which the bankrupt resides, or

    (b.1) such goods and services tax credit payments and prescribed payments relating to the essential needs of an individual as are made in prescribed circumstances and are not property referred to in paragraph (a) or (b),

    but it shall comprise

  3. all property wherever situated of the bankrupt at the date of his bankruptcy or that may be acquired by or devolve on him before his discharge, and

  4. such powers in or over or in respect of the property as might have been exercised by the bankrupt for his own benefit.



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