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Expert advice

Call us toll free in Alberta at 310-8888 or email us at for a free, no obligation, confidential consultation


We meet a lot of people each year, people just like you. Most need a bit of advice in dealing with their debt, many don't want to file bankruptcy — no matter the reason or the why, we help people find the debt solution that is right for them and here is what they've had to say.

Grant Thornton made me feel at ease from the first phone call. How embarrassing it is to have to walk into that office knowing that you are a financial failure. Even knowing others are there for the same reason doesn’t make one feel any better. But they were not there to judge, but to assist. Not only did they make the whole process very comfortable, they also provided me classes which taught savings plans, financial planning and ways to improve one's credit rating.

Thank you, Susan Methuen and Kathleen Haase, I appreciate you and all that you each did to support me in this legal matter. You took an embarrassing, sad experience, for me, and turned it into a successful solution without all of the emotional pain expected. Thank you for your timely replies back to me and your clear information. God bless your careers and I pray for your continued success in your field of expertise.

Laurie (Edmonton, Alberta)


Marlene and I would like to "thank you" in assisting us through a very difficult time. We did not anticipate facing this dilemma at this stage of our lives.

Angela should be commended for an outstanding job throughout the 9 months of our ordeal. She showed compassion and at the same time conducted herself professionally. Through a difficult time we felt very comfortable with her. You are lucky to have her on your team.


~ M & D (Calgary, Alberta)

Good morning Freida and Kathleen

Please find on the following attachment my Oct 4th, and final payment. I also at this time would like to say "Thank You So Much Freida" for all of your guidance, your professionalism, your understanding, and your advice through-out this process. It has been a real challenge and yet as I close this chapter of my life it has also been a tremendously positive learning experience and I promise to never get into financial trouble again.

Take Care and all the very best to you both, always.

Very Sincerely,

~ William (Nisku, Alberta)

Karen, going through a bankruptcy is not an easy task. Your support and assistance is greatly appreciated.

Again, Thank You

~ Deidre (Edmonton, Alberta)

Dear Shane, my wife and I wanted to say thanks for all the hard work put forth from your company! I can't say enough how grateful we were to have Angela Lock help and guide us through this difficult financial period in our lives. Angela was always encouraging and made us believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel! There was never any delay whenever I had any questions or concerns. Without any hesitation, Angela was always accommodating and positive which really made this process of bankruptcy that much easier. Again, thank you and please do let Angela know how grateful we were to have her assistance.


~ A&J (Calgary, Alberta)

Thank you so much for everything Nicole. You and Shane made this very difficult time for Randy and I better than we ever expected. You are great at your job and a great person. We could never thank you enough for how you put us at ease at one of the most embarrassing and shameful times of our lives.

~ P (Calgary, Alberta)

"I hope all is going great for you and you get a real sense of how beautiful you are Myrna. In a time when chaos, fear and anxiety could have reigned for me, your cool head and voice of wisdom helped put things into perspective for me and I treasure you and your willingness to offer your wisdom to me. Thank you just doesn't say enough."

~ HP (Three Hills, Alberta)

"Thank you for the great work and making the process a learning one."

~ Vincent (Spruce Grove, Alberta)

"Thank you for meeting with us. It was a pleasure to have met you and we are actually excited about moving forward. It means once we are out.. we are completely debt free ... until we have saved up enough to buy a house. ... Myrna, again, thank you so much for meeting with us and giving us a chance to catch our breath with all this. Your help has been incredibly appreciated and we look forward to meeting with you again soon.

~ C&T (Edmonton, Alberta)

Dear Mr. Shane Brenneis,

I am writing this email to express my delight in having the good fortune of working with Angela Lock through my bankruptcy. When I first contacted Angela on the recommendation of a friend, I was extremely hesitant to pursue bankruptcy; I felt it was cheating, and really felt like a very bad person for even considering such a route. I have worked since the age of 10, and full time since the age of 15; I have put myself through advanced education with my own money, student loans which I repaid, and by earning scholarships. I had built my credit to an outstanding status and was on my 4th consecutive home purchase when I allowed myself to be put into a situation where I was horrifically taken advantage of and criminally stalked and harassed.

I was about out of my mind when I finally approached Angela.

I would like you to know, Shane, that Angela greeted me with the utmost professionalism, and worked on making me feel like I wouldn't be a loser for claiming bankruptcy. She created an end-game for me that spoke of freedom. This process allowed me to plan an exit strategy from the scary situation I was in (physical danger, physical and emotional stress, and financial burden).

Through the process I was unwell, both physically and mentally, was on multiple constantly changing medications, and was not thinking clearly. Angela always patiently answered my questions, even though I knew I had asked her the same question before (in some cases multiple times).

I am happy to say that I am now rebuilding my life and I owe a great deal to Angela Lock. If ever she should require a Letter of Reference or a phone call with a previous client, I will be happy to make time to assist her in any way I can. You have a valuable team asset in Angela Lock.

Best regards,

~ Jennifer D (Calgary, Alberta)

Good morning.

I really appreciated the wonderful help and advice I received on Tuesday. I left the meeting feeling much better then when I arrived. I am working on getting things ready for if I have to file for bankruptcy. I do want to wait for a little while longer. Bridgewater bank is looking at renewing my mortgage earlier so I won.t have to renew after bankruptcy. Also my wife is looking for a job and my daughter is going to move back in for at least the 21 months necessary. Also I have an interview with ~~~~t for a position as assistant manager in one of their stores, so i want to see how this works out before I move ahead. If I could get a good salaried job I might try to pay down my debt on my own, especially if Doreen is working too.

I have already found a possible place to rent if I need it. I should a better idea as to what is happening within a week or so. We will not be using our credit cards in the meantime and as soon as I see whats happening I will let you know how we are going to proceed. Thank you so much for you help and allowing me to deal with a difficult situation with dignity. You will be hearing from me soon.

Thanks from both of us,

~ K & D

Mr. Alger, I would like to deeply thank you for helping me over the past years. I came into your office years ago in a state I thought I could not return. You sat me down in your office and made me feel comfortable and offered your help in a time when I thought no one could help. I am now in a great place in my life and I am paying Alger & Associates the full remaining balance that I owe. Again I want to thank you and your staff for helping me and many others who at one time thought it was impossible.

Thank you again, from myself, my new wife and my 2 wonderful step children.

~ BJP (Cochrane, Alberta)


I would like to thank you so much for your time, patience and understanding in dealing with us. This will be a major relief for Steve. He was already feeling better about the whole situation. He was saying to me he feels like a weight has been lifted off him. Plus he feels like hes getting his house in order. So Im very glad hes feeling that way. Thanks to you and all your help.

~ Sincerely Tanis (Edmonton, Alberta)

Me and my family like to thank you to all you and rest of the ALGER team for helping me out to get a BR discharge.

The professional advice and the guidance was really helpful to walk me through in this difficult time.

I am looking forward to stand on my feet again and to learn a lesson from my previous mistakes.


Let me know if I can be of any help for you.

Thanks & Best Regards

~ N & family (Calgary, Alberta)

Mr. Alger:

I couldn't continue on my new path of a debt free life, and good moral conscience without taking the time to send you a personal email extending my gratitude and appreciation.

Upon initially meeting with Shane over 4 years ago, convinced that another bankruptcy was inevitable due to serious financial state from family medical challenges, he firmly recommended a proposal.

Shane made me very aware that due to a former corporate and personal bankruptcy, another filing would greatly cost me years from now, and may even be ordered to repay some.

I not only can now start clean at 50+ with years ahead to rebuild, but carry on with good moral conscience feeling like a million dollars instead of carrying guilt and remorse.

It has been a pleasure and blessing to deal with a professional and moral team>

In closing, God bless.

~ Bruce (Calgary, Alberta)

I would like to take this time to give a huge thanks to Susan Methuen for going out of her way to help me with my problems.

Although I am not one of your clients she took her valuable time to give me all the information I needed to get me out of a very stressful situation.

I wish that more companies had more employees like Susan!!!

Please contact me at 587-435-4466 for any info you may need.

Yours truly,

~ J Burns (Edmonton, Alberta)

Dear Karen,

During our meetings and discussions you have provided us with sound counsel and advice. Most importantly, you are understanding and supportive. Within your professional capacity you treat us with both dignity and respect, which will assist us with moving forward with "hope" rather than shame.

As seniors, we cannot express the devastation we are experiencing, which not only impacts ourselves but our family members as well.

With your kind assistance and expertise we are working through the requirements/legislation where bankruptcy is concerned.

Karen, we would recommend both yourself and your colleagues to those who require the services of a Trustee.

Respectfully yours,

~ C, J (Edmonton, Alberta)

I'm happy to report I'm doing well re. managing my money prudently and have stayed out of debt since 2011; When I think about finances and money in my life, I think of you and the supportive way you helped me out!

Gary (Calgary, Alberta)

Hi Jax,

I received my discharge letter today (I thought the last one was the last one so the cold shivers I got from seeing it were pretty intense)!

I'm so happy to be really, really, really done with this process.

I'm doing well, life is a lot more comfortable getting to keep more of the money I earn! :)

I hope you're doing well too, and thank you for making the process more bearable. It really made a difference that you are so friendly and helpful!

Best regards,

James, From Calgary

Hi Dorina,

Many thanks, and I must say, you and your team have made the whole process quite easy to deal with. Bankruptcy is stressful. You took some of that stress away by making it simple. For that, we thank you very much.

R & T, Edmonton

Good morning Marina,

You probably don't remember me but you were my bankruptcy trustee in 2010-2011

I'm happy to report I'm doing well re. managing my money prudently and have stayed out of debt since - having found a great & smart partner in my life helps too :)

When I think about finances and money in my life, I think of you and the supportive way you helped me out!

Thanks again for looking after this for me!

Gary, Calgary

Hi Dorina,

I just want to send along my thanks to you for all of your effort in helping me get me through the past 9 months. I appreciate your prompt replies to my sometimes silly questions. I am sure that the situation was more challenging because I had been living in a different province. I hope that my appreciation for your effort will make up for that fact.

I am looking forward to my future. You have had a big part at making that possible. Thank you again.

I pray the best for you and your family.

Cheryl, Edmonton


Recently my husband and I found that our financial situation had reached the breaking point, and we were in need of the services provided by your offices. We were introduced to Nicole Bigelow in your NE Calgary office. I have to say she was absolutely wonderful to work with.

Reaching the decision to work with a Trustee Office was a very difficult one for us. Nicole was very knowledgeable, encouraging and extremely supportive to both of us. Going into the process I had so many questions, concerns and feelings of zero self-worth. She was quick to offer support in terms of encouragement and advice, as well as answering our questions. She went out of her way to make us feel better about ourselves, and what felt like a hopeless situation! We are extremely grateful for all of her hard work. She really made a huge difference for us in terms of reducing the stress, and helping us begin to rebuild our lives. Thank-you Nicole!

We also worked with Angela Lock in the final stages of preparing a Proposal. She too was very reassuring and informative. We are grateful for her hard work in helping to finalize the details. Thanks Angela!

You really have a great team! If the opportunity presents itself for us to provide a referral, I will not hesitate to offer either of their names.

Thanks very much!

Preece, Calgary

It was a struggle, and I remember how defeated I felt the day I walked into your offices, but nobody made me feel like a loser. I was encouraged and felt comfort that my struggle ended that day!

I now feel on top of the world again. Ready for a new start! Thank you again, for EVERYTHING that you have all done for me! My future is now BRIGHT!

Have a wonderful day!!

Shirley, Edmonton

Hi Freida,

Just sending along my thank you for all of your work at getting me through the past few months (9 to be exact). You were the first face of Grant Thornton I saw and I appreciate the professional advice you gave me right from the start.

My future is much brighter now and you have played a part in that fact. Thank you again.

I pray the best for you and your family, Cheryl

I do hope our lives get easier for sure. And as much as you see people come and go, I just want you to know that what you have done for me is very much appreciated. Would you mind passing that message on to your colleagues and the owner? I think what you all do is very important work. It gives people like me and my children a second chance at life. Keep changing lives and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Tammy ;) , Edmonton

Hi Kiu,

Ann and I would like to thank you for all your kind assistance and guidance whilst we went through the difficult bankruptcy period. It was greatly appreciated.

Do enjoy your summer. It’s certainly a nice change to the blustery winters we enjoy in Calgary.

Kind regards.



Thanks for the information, also I am so pleased at the professional treatment I received from your company. Everyone was great, I got all the answers I requested and am so glad for the financial information I received. I'm looking forward to using all I learned and will never be in that position again.

Your truly,


Hi Kiu,

My family used the services with Grant Thornton many years ago and again a few years ago. I had great trust back and recently without a doubt. Angela Lock gave us much knowledge during this time that was very difficult emotionally and financially. And when I say trust, I mean never was I mislead yet was fully informed and finally felt that we could get through this and survive with dignity.

I ever grateful for Grant Thornton's leadership to get my family back on track with knowledge and respect. Now that in a company is amazing and so are the staff at Grant Thornton, you CAN trust them to get your financial life back so you can live your life you truly deserve, go ahead and call Angela Lock, we did and we are grateful!

Angela (from Calgary)

We know that each person's situation is different and that there are no quick fixes for financial difficulty. However, you are not alone. There are solutions for every situation and we are here to help.

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Our Licensed Insolvency Trustees (formerly called Trustee in Bankruptcy or Bankruptcy Trustee) and Estate Managers believe everyone deserves a financial fresh start, while being treated with dignity and respect. We have offices conveniently located in Calgary, Edmonton, throughout Alberta, and across Canada.

To speak to someone now call us at 310-8888 for a free, no obligation, confidential consultation.

To speak to someone now call us at 310-8888 for a free, no obligation, confidential consultation.

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