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After speaking with our Licensed Insolvency Trustee, Karen, my wife and I felt like a weight had been lifted from our shoulders.

- Grant Thornton Limited client

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Thank you for your compassion, kindness, guidance, support, professionalism and friendship through all this.

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Debt consolidation

A debt consolidation loan gathers your debt into a single amount so that you can repay multiple creditors through one monthly payment. The interest rate is often lower than what your existing creditors offer. If your bank turns you down for a debt consolidation loan in Calgary or Edmonton, we can help you with other options to get out of debt.

Debt consolidation loans

If you choose to participate in a debt consolidation loan your financial institution will pay your creditors. In exchange, the financial institution will offer you a single monthly payment at a potentially lower interest rate. Your eligibility depends on your overall credit rating, the total amount of your debt, your income and in some cases the security you can offer.

A good debt consolidation plan can help you:

  • explore all of your debt consolidation options to deal with your debt and regain financial stability

  • streamline your debt into one affordable monthly payment

  • more effectively manage your budget

  • save hundreds or event thousands of dollars in interest

  • repay your debt more quickly

While we cannot provide a debt consolidation loan to you, our Calgary and Edmonton professionals at Grant Thornton Limited can help you with your debt in Calgary so that you find out if this is an appropriate option for you.

Orderly Payment of Debts (OPD)

An Orderly Payment of Debt program eliminates your debt using a court ordered consolidation that will have you make one monthly payment that is within your budget. It is a way of consolidating your unsecured debts without borrowing more money. If OPD is a good option for you, our Licensed Insolvency Trustees will explain how it will consolidate your debts into one consolidated credit payment, how the interest rate is lowered and how you will successfully get out of debt.

Debt consolidation with a consumer proposal

If you do not think you will be able to qualify for a debt consolidation loan or OPD in Calgary or Edmonton, you may want to consider a Consumer Proposal. A consumer proposal is a legal process which enables you to consolidate your debt and make an offer to your creditors to modify your payments or to repay only a percentage of what you owe. A proposal allows you a fresh start without going bankrupt.

We'll review all your options for debt consolidation and getting out of debt

Our debt help or consolidate debt professionals in Calgary can lay out all your options for you and help you find the right solution. Your plan will be customized to meet your personal, long-term financial goals.

We can also address other problems that may have prevented you from getting a debt consolidation loan. Our advice is based on your unique financial situation and finding out which debt solution works best for you.

Debt consolidation and debt help programs in Calgary, Edmonton and throughout Alberta

For debt consolidation and debt help in Calgary, Edmonton, or our other Alberta locations, call us toll free in Alberta at 310-8888.


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